Top Reasons to Choose J’s Maintenance

There are many reasons why companies choose their cleaning solution, here are some of the reasons why we feel a thorough analysis of J’s Maintenance will separate us from every other considered option.

Employees not sub-contractors

With J's Maintenance you become part of our service family. Our close team of employees are insured and bonded, and receive high quality training and coaching. With J's, the cleaning crew feels like part of your own staff.

Experienced Supervisors On-Site

We don't manage from afar. Every J's Maintenance account benefits from on-site supervisors that report back directly to company management. We keep a close tab on our quality and service so you don't have to.

We Handle the Details

Attention to detail isn't limited to cleaning (although we have that in abundance). J's Maintenance maintains high standards in employee care, adherence to Federal, State and Local regulations, rock solid insurance and fair business practices. We not only reduce your liability, we let you focus on your business details and we'll keep it clean.

Industry Specialties

Our knowledge also extends into the specific industries and the many unique conditions found in industry niches. Big Box Retail needs different dramatically from pre-schools and places of worship. The show room of a luxury car dealership has considerably different needs than the service bays at that same facility. Constant cycling of service through a fitness facility offers different challenges than a nightly pass through an office suite. Let us show you that we not only know our industry, we know yours.

Specialized Training

At J's, we stay current on trends and innovations within our industry by maintaining professional affiliations with the best possible trade groups and associations, attending regular industry sponsored trainings and actively seeking out solutions to our clients ever-changing needs.

Time and Experience

With over 40 years servicing janitorial customers and a 24 x 7 on-call business practice, you know you are getting a best-of-breed provider that is up to date on industry standards and emerging technologies.

We Clean Green!

Our corporate commitment to sustainability goes way beyond our companies solar array or active recycling program. We are constantly seeking out the best, most environmentally sound cleaning supplies and cleaning techniques to ensure that your facility is not only clean but safe. Our convection to a safe and environmentally sound workplace doesn't stop at our door, it includes yours.

Accurate On-time Reporting

Even the most reliable contractors should be audited and we provide you timely, accurate reporting to help you keep track of our performance and commitments.

Advanced Technology

We are simply not our fathers janitorial service! Things have changed considerably since our family founded J's in the 1970 and we have changed too. Our team deploys the best possible technologies to ensure quality service, accurate reporting and full team engagement on every job.

Our Customers Tell the Rest

Our loyal and happy customer base are our best advertising. Let us give you our referrals so you can see for yourself that J's Maintenance stands behind their work, their people and their customers. We care for your business as much as we do our own.