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If you are currently doing your service with an in-house crew (Self-Performed Service) or utilizing an outside vendor, there are some important considerations for a thorough evaluation.  At J’s Maintenance, we are often asked about how our services stack up against all of the other options.  To aid our current and potential clients, we have assembled the following summary based on over 40 years of experience.  Of course each business is different and a number of variables will impact your particular service.  Our team is available to help you ascertain the best solution for your business.  Contact Chris Waldheim to discuss your unique business needs.

Common Models For Janitorial Service

Self-Performed Service

In-House Service

The most common form of janitorial services for small and mid-sized businesses is self-performed services; also know as in-house cleaning. With self-performed services, the company hires and manages the janitorial staff, maintains cleaning supplies and conducts quality control.
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Self-Performing Contractor

The Gold Standard For Service

A contracted firm manages all aspects of your contract including hiring, supervision, payroll, insurance and taxes. The contractor may work locally, regionally or in some cases nationally.
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Contract Management Firm


The Contract Management Company performs little or no actual janitorial services; rather they hire sub-contractors to accomplish all the actual cleaning. Contract Management Companies pass 70% -80% of the service contract fees to the sub-contractor and retain the remainder for their involvement.
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Blended Service

Mix of Self-Performed and Contract

As the name implies, Blended Services are a mixture of Self-Performed Services and the use of one of the Contracted Service models.
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