Little Hoover Commission

An update from Chris Waldheim, Manager of J’s Maintenance.

I flew to Sacramento today to testify to the State of California’s Little Hoover Commission as they wrapped up their public process for information gathering on the Underground Economy. Despite having 3.4 million registered businesses in the State, we still have an underground economy estimated to cost the State $8.6 billion in uncollected taxes, fees, unpaid wages and other broken laws. Those uncollected funds could sure do a lot of good in our schools and many other places.

The janitorial industry is filled with great companies that follow the law and play fair, but it is also an industry facing tremendous upward cost pressures from wages, taxes, insurance and other regulations while customers still attempt to pay less this year than they did last year. Trying to level the playing field involves educating our clients, following the law and getting involved in efforts like today’s to bring about change legislatively by engaging Sacramento in a discussion of possible solutions.

Suggested solutions ranged from business owner education and statewide business licenses to increased enforcement and more punitive penalties for the law-breakers. It will be interesting to watch the next steps as they compile their recommendations and deliver them to the State Legislature.

Certainly not a typical day at the office, but very valuable for many reasons. Thank you to the Little Hoover Commission for giving business owners across the State a place to voice their concerns.

Chris Waldheim

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